THE INVENTORS OF THE EFOIL Explore the fastest, most durable, longest lasting eFoil experience.

A feeling that can’t be described but can only be experienced

We’ve spent over a decade developing and fine-tuning the ultimate foiling experience. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced thrill-seeker, into serene lakes or riding big surf, the Lift eFoil allows you to craft the adventure that’s best for you with an all-electric, silent motor that glides through any body of water.


The LIFT4 eFoil features extra-durable construction, Quiet Ride technology, up to 2.5hrs ride time, and a wide variety of wings and accessories to customize your ride. Now with 0% APR for up to 12 Months with Affirm.

2hr Ride Time

Quiet Ride Technology

Ultra-smooth Camber Pro Wings

The Market Leading eFoil Designed for Experience

The LIFT4 eFoil features an updated shape for increased aerodynamics and maneuverability, upgraded extra-durable construction, extended ride time, and the highest speed on the market.

  • Speed

    Up to 30mph

  • Ride Time

    Up to 2.5hrs

  • Customizable

    The Perfect Ride

  • Advanced

    Safety Features


Smooth and easy to ride, the newly updated LIFT3 F is built on fiberglass instead of carbon fiber to offer stability and durability, at a new low price.


    The 2023 specialty wing lineup is set tochange the performance boundaries of foiling forever. If you're an advanced or expert rider looking to spice up your quiver and push your skills, these are the wings for you.

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    A fully enclosed impeller formaximum safety and increased efficiency. The design keeps drag to a minimum for improved ride times and a more surf-like ride quality. Compatible with all eFoil models.

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For over 10 years we've made performance foils for the committed, the future forward, the risk takers--riders that need foil hardware that is both innovative and unbelievably tough.

Lift eFoil named one of the 10 Best Toys and Tenders

  • We went to Isabela, Puerto Rico to try out the 'flying surfboard,' and it turns out, riding the efoil was easier than we expected.

  • As I accelerate toward the horizon, I almost forget what it means to live in a world with gravity.

  • Innovative surfing tech making waves.

  • You’ll be gliding just above the water in no time.