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Rinzo XML Editor is a free XML editor that you can use to edit XML documents from within Microsoft Word or from any web browser. From the get-go, you can load XML documents into the program and modify, add, delete, and move them as needed. Rinzo XML Editor supports all the more useful features of XML including lists, sub-lists, namespaces, and much more. Besides the ability to edit XML documents, Rinzo XML Editor offers the ability to import and export from other document types such as RTF, DOC, XLS, PPT, and HTML. The program also supports printing and OCRing. The editing environment is completely customizable allowing you to change fonts, colors, margins, and so on.

Etana Software Corporation was established in January, 2001 as a professional software development company based in Vancouver Canada.
We specialize in Java software development, and the products we produce can be found at
Based on the project size, nature, and complexity, Etana Software provides services from $55,000 CAD to $400,000 CAD. This includes software development and commercial software licensing. Etana Software offers extended discounts on custom development projects, and also offers full installation, training and support for a fixed monthly fee. For further details, please contact us at info@etana.com or visit our website at www.etana.com.

The goal of [OS X]( is to make using [Apple’s Unix-based operating system]( on a Mac easier than it’s ever been. Apple had [made Windows the primary OS on Macs]( before, but that broke the growth of the platform. By making OS X, [GNU/Linux]( and [Bsd]( applications the same code base as Mac OS X, the operating system is able to provide OS X applications more features than any [Unix-based operating system]( has ever been able to.
[OS X]( 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro utility that allows you to run any key combination on a certain text. KEYMACRO is the fastest utility of its kind. It works with any standard Windows keyboard, and uses a file of key combination rules (macro list) to run any combination of keys on any text. Features:
– 100+ KEY macro entries
– No registry entries or file system access
– Users can add custom key combinations
– Key combination rules can be edited and saved
– Supports all keyboard layouts (English, US, French, German, Spanish, etc.)
– Supports Unicode support
– Supports Mouse Keys
– Support all standard buttons on any keyboard (including extended keys)
– Standard key combination rules (hotkeys)
– Pass your mouse pointer to the selection text
– Supports text selection (multi-line, exact positions, block-wise, etc.)
– Supports custom cursor images
– Support of Keyboard icon images
– Support of custom “Caret” key images
– Support of custom folder icon images
– Supports “Shift” & “Ctrl” keys
– Support of mouse click
– Support of mouse click + shift
– Support of mouse click + ctrl
– Supports mouse hover
– Full Unicode support
– Multiple cursor support
– Support of table documents (Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 5)
– Support of browser URLs
– Support of email addresses ( and mailto:)
– Support of data URLs
– Support of “Windows” shortcut icons
– Support of multi line text
– Support of sample text
– Support of XHTML document
– Support of UTF-8 encoded text
– Support of XML document
– Support of Unicode characters
– Support of Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Persian, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu
– Support of Russian, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Serbian, Czech
– Support of Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Korean, Czech, Slovak, Slovak, Czech
– Support of Greek, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Finnish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Finnish,
– Support of Serbian, Macedonian, Serbian
– Support of Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Bulgarian,
– Support of Macedonian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Russian,
– Support of Finnish, Swedish, Hungarian, Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish,
– Support of Czech, Bulgarian, Slovak, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian