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After constant refinement through our initial thousands of shipped products, we’re proud to now offer an extended lineup of our second generation eFoils.

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At Lift, eFoil Owners are family, and service is everything.

We offer extensive documentation, comprehensive how-to videos, and access to our friendly team both online and on the phone.  We know the eFoil is an investment, and we want to ensure you know our team, are stoked on your product, and nothing stands between you and the surreal adrenaline rush of the eFoil over water.

Safety is a priority

Whether you, your significant other, or your family and friends are riding— we know safety is always a key question for any watersport. We take it seriously with comprehensive safety features, customer care, and updates.

Our sealed, waterproof, floating bluetooth remote controls the experience

  • Choose from multiple “governor” modes to manage the amount of power
  • Release the trigger for a complete stop
  • If the remote hits the water, the board comes to a complete stop

Cutting edge watersports technology – for adventure on any body of water.

See what users around the globe are doing with thier Lift eFoils.