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> a variation of SlideNotes [
> which you can use in any note-taking application.
Keymacro is a slim and small application that does not affect the space occupied by the note.
> simple and intuitive interface.
* Quick, easy to use*
> layout makes it easy to see and quickly insert commands.
* Different symbols to indicate various functions
* The symbols can be freely combined, organized into different orders.
* You can move the selection control (eg, the cursor) from one note to another.
> In addition to notes, you can use it for file name/path, web pages, email and so on.
> It is designed to save time when you add commands to a series of notes.
* You can easily copy commands from other notes or from other applications to the selected note.
* And you can specify the length of the command.
This is a free application with no ads.
If you want to use more features, please purchase the Keymacro Pro version, which offers some additional functions.
Keymacro features:
* Supports search, command, paste, re-size and links for various file types (doc, ppt, png, jpg, html, mht, pptx, mdb, rtf, rtfm, pdf, sxs, zip, and many more file types).
* Supports links for a variety of storage locations, including;
– Notes: “Notes” menu.
– Web: “Web” menu.
– Emails: “Email” menu.
– Urls: “Urls” menu.
– Files: “Files” menu.
– File paths: “Path” menu.
* Supports hyperlinks and long URLs.
* Supports links to external documents and external programs.
* Supports the ability to view, change and reorder hyperlinks.
* Supports both automatic and manual links.
* Supports different types of hyperlinks.
– “Open location” allows you to open a file path or URL without a file name (e.g., file:///c:/documents/mydoc.pdf, file:///
– “Open file” allows you to open a document without a specific location (e.g., file:///c:/mydoc.pdf). 45cee15e9a

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KEYMACRO Key, is a keystroke log file monitoring program designed to report on every single keystroke made on your computer. KEYMACRO is very unique and is unlike any keystroke log file monitoring application that I have ever used in my 16 years in IT.
KEYMACRO can monitor all combinations of every single key on your keyboard including the arrow keys, SHIFT keys, CONTROL keys, ALT keys, ALT keys, WIN keys, WIN keys, CAPS LOCK keys, and so on. It also works with every single OS on the market today.
The KEYMACRO software comes with a built in profile manager that allows you to create custom profiles for every type of application you use on your computer. KEYMACRO profiles are highly customizable and you can modify it for virtually any application.
The KEYMACRO software is fully customizable and a lot of time was spent on creating what I consider to be some of the best features and user interface around.

Languages Supported:


How to use KEYMACRO on your computer:

1) Copy KEYMACRO to the same directory as the application you are trying to protect.

2) Download the program, run the installation package.

3) Once the program is installed, the program will open and ask you to create a KEYMACRO profile.

4) After you have created your profile, click on the profile name in the program to see the information you just made for your profile.

5) Set the settings on the program for your profile.

6) Start watching. The program will log everything you type on your keyboard and all the combinations you make.

7) The information is written to a file which is located in the same directory the program was run from.

Seal keylogger with your license key and protect the log file using the a single, disposable, and free password. Use the non-reversible encrypted log file as your startup program. At that point, your log file will be unrecoverable without the license key. If you ever lose your license key, you won’t need to recreate the log file, just find it in the directory the program was run from and use the non-reversible password to decrypt the log file.

This keylogger is not a drop-in replacement for any other program, but it does stand alone and can be used to obtain the log file in a different manner than it was originally